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Personalised place settings


📌 Please order in plenty of time for us to create the design, create your order and have them dispatched and delivered in time for your wedding date.

📌 Don’t forget to add yourselves and your wedding party to the guest list and include them in your order. Place settings are used in addition to a table plan sign to help guests find their seats easily and quickly.

Personalised Place Settings

Our beautifully crafted personalised place settings are a unique and elegant alternative to traditional place cards. Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, bridal showers, engagements, birthdays, and more, these place names add sophistication to any event.


Elegance Meets Personalisation: Each piece is laser-cut and engraved, offering timeless elegance and a stylish flair to your special occasion.


Versatile and Customisable: Available in various shapes, materials, and styles, our place settings complement a wide range of themes and colour palettes. New shapes and materials coming soon!


Wooden Place Settings

Rustic Charm and Elegance: Wooden place names offer a warm, natural aesthetic perfect for rustic, vintage, and country-themed events.


Eco-Friendly Option: Made from natural materials, they are a sustainable choice compared to plastic alternatives.


Versatile Design: Seamlessly blend with various decor styles and serve as keepsakes for your guests.


Acrylic Place Settings

Modern Sophistication: Acrylic place names provide a sleek, contemporary look ideal for modern events. The glossy and mirror finishes adds a touch of luxury.


Durable and Stylish: Highly durable, ensuring they remain in pristine condition throughout the celebration.


Customisable Appearance: Available in various colours and finishes, they can be tailored to match your event’s theme.

Purpose of Place Settings

  • Guest Guidance: Ensure a smooth seating arrangement by guiding guests to their assigned seats.


  • Personal Touch: Engraving guests' names adds a special touch, making each guest feel valued.


  • Decorative Element: Enhance your event’s decor with style and sophistication.


  • Memorable Keepsakes: Guests can take home their personalised place names as lasting mementos.


By choosing personalised place settings, you elevate your event’s décor while providing a functional and memorable element.


Add a unique and personal touch to your celebration. Browse our collection of personalised place settings and find the perfect style for your event. Order now to make your special day as memorable and unique as you are!

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