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Wedding table confetti


📌 Please order in plenty of time for us to create the design, create your order and have them dispatched and delivered in time for your wedding date.

📌 Mix together some personalised with generic confetti pieces for a truly wonderful, unique and personalised table décor that will WOW your guests!

Wedding Table Confetti

Our laser-cut and engraved wedding table confetti has truly captured the hearts of many seeking an exquisite alternative to the conventional, plastic confetti commonly seen at weddings.


Glowing with a sense of modernity and contemporary flair, our wedding table confetti collections oozes a timeless class and sophistication that beautifully complements any wedding.


With a diverse range of shapes, materials, and captivating colours to choose from, our collections are designed to complement a wide range of wedding themes, styles and colour palettes.


Table Decor: Scatter them across dining tables, cake tables, and guest book tables to add a touch of sparkle and elegance; adding a touch of colour will beautifully contrast with white or ivory tablecloths. Mix and match collections; by mixing generic, Just Married and personalised confetti together, you can create your very own unique and personalised wedding table décor.


Centrepieces: Create eye-catching centrepieces by incorporating confetti into clear vases, lanterns, or decorative bowls; adding depth and visual interest to your table arrangements.


Escort Cards/Place Cards: Use confetti pieces to embellish escort cards or place cards.


Table Runner Accent: Sprinkle confetti pieces along the length of table runners to infuse colour and texture into your table settings.


Cake Presentation: Decorate the cake table with confetti for an extra dash of style; scatter around the cake or use as a decorative border.


Gift and Favour Displays: Arrange confetti around gift and favour displays, making them more inviting and attractive for guests to explore.


Invitations and Stationery: Add a whimsical touch to wedding invitations, menus, and other stationery by incorporating confetti-inspired designs.


Dessert Presentation: Elevate the presentation of desserts like cupcakes or macarons by placing them on confetti-strewn serving trays.


The possibilities of using our wedding table confetti pieces are as limitless as your creativity. Wedding table confetti can be tailored to suit any theme, colour palette, or style, and it adds a personalised and festive touch to your special day.

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